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Per Westerlund
Per Westerlund
Founder and CEO

Per started out as a developer and is today often found inbetween the business and IT. Pers' work often starts with a need to make the business more efficient and requirements are identified via business modeling. Per has worked in many different domains, like energy, finance, military and telecom.

Andreas Hägglund
Andreas Hägglund
Founder, Business Analyst and Agile Expert

Expert Business Analyst and Agile Change Agent. Passionate about making organizations and the world a better place. Driven by a lust for collaboration, continous improvments and delivering business value.

Erik Sundström
Erik Sundström
.NET-expert loving the Web.

Expert .Net developer and architect focused on web development. Enjoys difficult and tricky problems. Codes everything from JavaScript, HTML and CSS to optimizing SQL Servers. Can't stop learning new things.

Dan Pettersson
Dan Pettersson
Javascript-expert enjoying test

Javascript-expert enjoying test

Mikael Lofjärd
Mikael Lofjärd
Web-expert loving Open Source

Open Source-enthusiast concentrating on web platforms. Digs Javascript, C# and Rust. Bicycle nerd and father of two.

Håkan Axelsson
Håkan Axelsson
Java-expert loving Zwift

Senior developer and architect focused on JavaEE and .NET Core. Great interest for technology and development processes. Bicyclist that also runs and swims.

Jacek Rewo
Jacek Rewo
C++-Expert loving radio

Expert in embedded systems and integration with extensive experience from banking, public sector and telecom. Codes in C, C++, C# och Java

Michael Wood
Michael Wood
In-house expert


Dennis Enroth
Dennis Enroth
Web expert


What do you love?

We would love to have you as a colleague! If you consider yourself an expert and wants to work with us, let us know! If you can give us new perspectives on what we already know, or bring new skills we will grow better together!

About 11K

We are consultants that are passionate about what we do and are not afraid of labeling ourselves as experts.
We have developed systems and helped clients since 2004

Per and Andreas met at a big company in 2000. Four years later they set out on a exciting journey together. They wanted more than just being anonymous cogs in a big machine at a large company. From this basic need has a company with great freedom and individual responsibility arisen, 11K. An expert consultancy where every consultant is an expert and passionate about what they do.

  • Software Development

    Our expert developers delivers. Combining deep technical expertise with strong communication skills. We have extensive experience and lots of ideas that will make you more successful.

  • Product Development

    Using the Pulse-model we will increase through-put in your organization 5-10 times, ensuring not only that you complete more projects faster but also that each project delivers more value.

  • Business Analysis

    Successful projects start with a joint understanding of the need. We will ensure that the goal is clear without overburdening the project with documentation.

  • Geography

    We strongly believe that remote work is the future, and that's why we don't have an office. Working from home leads to fewer transports which is a win for both the environment and our employees.

  • Payment Solutions

    Payment Solutions

  • Nuclear Power Plants

    Nuclear Power Plants

  • Swedish Military

    Swedish Military

  • Autotank


  • Wayne's Coffee

    Wayne's Coffee

  • Swedish Kennel Club

    Swedish Kennel Club

  • Sundbyberg Municipality

    Sundbyberg Municipality

  • Swedish Agricultural University

    Swedish Agricultural University


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We love

We love to do new stuff well and to make old stuff better.
Project Friday

Once a month we gather to have fun and learn. Everyone brings an idea to work on, by himself or in a group. It's great fun!


We go to conferences every year, to be inspired, gain insights, learn new skills and deepen existing ones. We love what we do and wants to learn more!


Developing new systems are inspiring, and so is making existing systems better by untangling legacy code. It is often possible to achieve great results within the boundaries of existing systems.

Test Driven Development

It is important to trust that changes does not break the systems. We deal with this by doing test driven development. Automatated testing simplifies regression testing and minimizes the risk of errors.

To do what we love

At 11K we get to do what we love to do, code in C#, Java, JavaScript, Go, Rust, C, C++ or Swift. Develop payment solutions, real time applications, web, mobile, apps or embedded systems. You set the agenda yourself. The only thing we require is that you love what you do, so that you can become really really good at it. In the meantime you will learn a lot from your expert colleagues.

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